This marker is not just for snow plow equipment.

Mark or delineate anything! Permanent or temporary markers for parking lots and driveways (industrial, commercial, institutional or private)​, highways, hydrants or culvert...and the list goes on! Our reflective driveway MIRACLE MARKERS are vitually indestructible and will probably never have to be replaced.

Finally, put an end to fading, rusting, rotting, warping, painting, splintering, breaking, permanent bending, dangerous burred edges, vehicle damage and other problems associated with every other kind of “standard” markers!

Reflective driveway MIRACLE MARKERS can also be the ultimate trail marker or delineator for many sports or recreational events. Besides being highly visible at night with conspicuity tape, both the color and *ID patch advertise your company, your city or your club.

Available assembled or not.

* ID patches are optional and not included in the price.

What is the "miracle" in MIRACLE MARKER?

  • Special composite

  • Kink-proof. Remains flexible

  • High density material can accept bolts or metal screws for attaching other indicators.

  • 100% weather resistant: Resists fading, rusting, corrosion, rotting, warping and splintering. Virtually indestructible; Impact resistant

  • Reusable for years. Life cycle costs are minimal.

  • Extremely lightweight (2 lbs) for storage and transport (circum: 5½")

  • Extremely visible with retro-reflective markings in custom colors.

  • No impact damage (liability) to vehicles, equipment or personnel in public areas.

  • SAFE! Child-safe; public-safe; worker-safe. No metal edges, no wooden slivers, no fiber splinters.

  • Easily identifies your contracts in high-density residential areas

  • Vandal and theft deterrent color codes and custom color conspicuity grade reflectors.

  • Company/city/club/contractor/utility identification sticker advertises and prevents theft (custom orders).