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Logo tape

reflective tape

dot conspicuity


3M, Reflexite and Avery

Wholesale pricing for Truck/Trailer/Bus manufacturers






Flaunt your OWN brand with personalized logo tape

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Incorporating safety and marketing on a product mandated by the law can be classified as a “grand slammer”.

PERSONALIZE your DOT conspicuity tape by including your COMPANY LOGO or CORPORATE ID on each segment.

3M, Reflexite and Avery all propose a CUSTOMIZED TAPE BRANDING program 

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PERSONALIZED CUSTOM DOT LOGO tape enhances your image, gives your corporate identity exposure night and day, and identifies property ownership while still maintaining safety through increased visibility.  Transport companies with a “low-profile” corporative identification (such as leased trailers) find that repetitive logos in conspicuity tape, visible at eye-height, are the most cost-efficient theft deterrent available. 

RESELLERS & DISTRIBUTORS  of conspicuity tape

Include your logo and offer your customers your own “house-brand”, who just want to buy “tape”?  With a limited production of your own “custom” personalized tape, you will profit from a “marketing punch” over the life-time of each segment of tape!  Sell it slightly less than your regular tape and increase sales volume, especially if you run a flyer.

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Municipalities and corporations

You can use branded personalized tape effectively, not only for identification but as a theft deterrent on ALL your equipment and vehicles

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Heavy & FARM equipment manufacturers

You may already be using DOT CONSICUITY TAPE if any equipment must move on highways.  Why not incorporate your brand, your name, your phone number in the segments and combine a lifetime of marketing with safety?

There is a controversy revolving around the combination of "commercial advertising" (logos) with the safety aspect of conspicuity tape. Certain tapes lend themselves more easily to logos etched in the segments of conspicuity tapes. It should be noted however, that the etched part no longer reflects, and thus, conformity to the law requiring a minimum of 50% lateral coverage of conspicuity tape obliges the application of an additional foot or two of tape to compensate for the non-reflective logo. That is why some manufacturers installing "logo" tape do a 100% lateral coverage. It must at least be augmented by a certain percentage more than the required 50%.

Transport companies have a win/win situation by “spec’ing” 100% lateral coverage for their new trailers.

Remember that 50% coverage on a 53 ft trailer requires a total of  70 linear ft of the red/white, whereas 100% coverage only requires 52 feet more (122 ft total of red/white).. If you spec 100% instead of 50% therefore, the cost of the tape is NOT DOUBLE. Besides, it is easier to install full lengths instead of increments of 12” or 18” or 24” so all in all, it is worth benefiting from the safety of 100% lateral coverage.

Bourassa 100%  photo #22A


Robert 100%  photo #22


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Minimum requirements by DOT tape manufacturers

3M   50 roll minimum one delivery and one payment.


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Avery 20 roll minimum one delivery and one payment (show graphic layouts)


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Reflexite 105 roll minimum, 20 roll deliveries, releases over one year (show layouts)



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Logos are available on all yellow, all white or all red conspicuity tape



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Flaunt two logos or brands on the same tape! (one on white and one on red)

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Serge Bergeron, Transport Bourassa’s fleet manager
We are proud to be the first to add our logo on Securitrim’s reflective tape. In addition to customizing our trailers, these highly adhesive strips help reduce our trailer theft.






It is NOT COMPLICATED to order your personalized logo tape and there is no up-charge. Set yourself apart from the others.  Seeing your logo up to a hundred times at eye-height on the side of a trailer by motorists has an effect.  That is why the trailer OEM’s are doing it!  Get your low volume logo tape by simply follow these steps:


Before you commit to any purchase or payment:

  1. Send your logo, name or corporate ID to Securitrim in a .ai or .eps file
  2. Securitrim will do a “no-charge” graphic layout for your examination & approval.
  3. If your choice is with the “low-volume” Avery products, Securitrim can provide you with a physical sample before you place a purchase order. 
  4. All these steps must be completed at least 4-6 weeks before your personalized tape can be delivered to you or to your OEM in time for installation on your new trailers.
  5. Be sure to spec personalized tape in your contract for new trailers and negotiate BEFORE you commit to purchasing logo tape for new trailers.


(link to How to order LOGO tape)


Flaunting your “own image or brand” has nothing but advantages for “marketing” your company and deterring theft.




Are you obligated to remove ALL your corporate ID when you sell your trailers?


Before refusing to install personalized tape because you don’t want to have something “else” to strip (your corporate markings) when you sell the trailer, you should consider these facts, often forgot about during the life of a trailer.


  • You will never know how much your company profited from the “free” marketing during the 5 to 10 years via the hundreds of thousands of motorists and companies seeing your “name” on the logo tape installed at the perfect height on your trailers.  So your company should “factor in” this advantage against the cost to strip your personalized tape, which could easily be offset by the increased “free” publicity.  Why do you think the OEM’s want THEIR logo on your trailers?


  • “Legally speaking”, your existing tape has probably dropped dangerously close to the minimum candle power required to be considered “compliant” (tapes are warranted to maintain the minimum candle-power for 5,7 and 10 years) and should be replaced anyways!


  • SECURITRIM’S OFFER TO YOU:  If you MUST strip your personalized logo tape anytime because of an obligation to remove your corporate identify, Securitrim will provide you, OR the future buyer of your trailer(s) with replacement tape at wholesale pricing.  That is a hard deal to beat.







Securitrim realizes that when your clients insist on having their personalized logo tape installed, it is more complicated for you.  You must control stock and you must insure that the tape is OEM quality tape with the highest warrantee to be trouble free.


You must recognize that marketing your logo in the tape you install is a marketing “hit” because it promotes your business and it works!  So you understand that the owner of a new trailer would like to exploit this same marketing tool for himself!


You also understand that personalized logo tape on “white un-identified trailers” is a definite theft deterrent.


So why not exploit this “negative request” for “custom personalized” tape to your advantage? Go on the offensive! Have your sales team offer it to possible clients in their Request for Bid”?  Take the initiative to swing clients in your direction with this huge impact  “added value”!  Clients want their name on their mud-flaps….and you are allowing it….why not on their tape?


If it helps the client to market his own brand, consider personalized logo tape as a stimulus to the transporters economy.  Yours is going great because the client is buying your trailers.  But maybe the transporter needs a little help to stimulate his OWN business!  






 Bourassa with “Utility” photo 22A





 Bourassa with “Manac” photo 22B





Rosenau with “Hyundai” photo 23

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In order to facilitate an arrangement to acquiesce to the client’s request for “CUSTOM LOGO TAPE” as painless as possible, here is what Securitrim can do:


We will coordinate EVERY detail WITH YOUR CLIENT in the production of their own personalized tape that meets or exceeds your standard for OEM quality.


We can work with your sales team (if they or you want) in providing the graphic layout to them FIRST for approval, and even in providing a physical sample (Avery product) FIRST for approval.  Or we can do everything directly with the client and avoid ANY extra work and intervention with your sales team.  This will in fact streamline the process.


We can accept a purchase order FROM YOU, at wholesale pricing, for the exact number of rolls you require to produce your client’s trailers and we will have this quantity drop-shipped to YOUR DOCK in time for production.


There is a minimum number of rolls required to produce logo tape, but we can split this quantity into two separate orders.   One (the number of rolls you require for production) will be sold directly to you (at OEM pricing) and the second, if there is a balance to meet the minimum, directly to the client (at retail pricing).


The client must first decide and negotiate with you if he wants full rolls or Kiss-cut rolls, and what his obligation is for an up-charge from you to have 100% coverage (full rolls) installed. 100% lateral coverage may be easier for everyone.